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Half Girlfriend Or Half Boyfriend?

It’s Story Time! Getting some inspiration from Half Girlfriend Movie which is coming soon. I am writing someone’s story, a story where they don’t know when she was his half girlfriend and he was her half boyfriend.

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Holi Hai!

Everyone in India has suddenly took interest in Gabbar’s dialogue “Holi kab hai? Kab hai holi?” Not because we love “Sholay” (although we do) but right now it’s because of confusion in the date of holi. Your calendar says something else,your google search says something else! What’s exactly going on? Finally the confusion has come to end that the “Holika Dehen” (setting pieces of wood on fire as a representative of Holika burning” will be done tonight and the fun with colors will be tomorrow aka 24th march of 2016. This is the time to take you through my memory lane of holi,yes a flashback! Continue reading

I was too Fantastico to be with him

There are three stages of a usual breakup. One where you think your world has come to an end. The other one where you tell yourself how freaking stupid he/she was to leave you. The third is when it has been long time since the break up and you kind of miss him/her and than tell of yourself a big “No” because you are too fantastico and the other one is totally not worth it.  Continue reading