Book Review : The Boy From Pataliputra

This is my first time reading a story set in real historical events. So I am no expert but here it goes…

Takes you into a historical ride. It is set in the period of Alexander attacking India to achieve his ultimate goal of ruling over the world. Than moves on to Chandragupta’s Dream of a united India where Chanakya is giving his knowledge. But that’s not the focus of the story. As the book’s title says “The Boy From Pataliputra”  ,it focuses on a ordinary but not so ordinary boy Aditya who is witnessing these events and how these events shapes him. The book also focuses a lot of Takshashila University. It is really interesting how the author has successfully adopted the facts to bind in a story.

The book also includes Sanskrit/Prakrit Phases and words or just generally historic terms that commonly people won’t be familiar with. But it has notes for that very purpose. The notes includes facts,many times mentioning the sources of the facts (as we know history is not easy as school textbooks. They came from sources written in those periods ,many of which contradict each other) So mentioning the sources in the notes is really appreciable.

Overall,I am not a regular history book reader but I enjoyed it. It definitely makes me wanna read more history books. 

Rating: 4/5


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