Book Review: Teenage Diaries By Saurabh Sharma

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Hey! My Practicals are over and I am diving into the world of books right now.

As soon as I got time, I started reading Teenage Diaries:The Days That Were By Saurabh Sharma which is 30th of April. So basically I finished it in 4 days.

Now coming to the book, it’s exactly what it says a Dairy of a Teenager named Ghanshyam. He basically represents every teenager who was innocent as a child, started becoming “cooler” and than end up with maturity. The start was slow for me. I was like “Ok, a good read when you are free. ” It was a slow read for me but as soon as I started indulging in and almost came at 100th page ,that’s where I really feel like reading the book. Basically a character came in who was really interesting and I became his friend by the time Ghanshyam found friendship in him.

As I moved on, the story spoke much more to me than just the character. I smiled whenever I could find things that were truly relatable(There are many of them) Not just that! I posted them on my Insta stories too.

Playing flames,talking with chits,bunking…..oh ok! Just read the book!

Messaged my friend and we are currently talking about a reunion. (No,Seriously!)

It was all fun and memories until a shocker came in. I hated it ,it totally turned the story upside down. But it touched the emotional chord. I was a part of Ghanshyam’s group and it hurt me as much as it did to the characters.

In a summery, this is a light hearted Fiction Novel which takes some time to get you connected, takes you through a ride of memories and hit you with emotions in the end.

Ratings : 4/5

I recommend it to Everyone who loved or is loving his/her school life. Also the author will be doing another part of teenage diaries and I am definitely reading it!


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