The English Vinglish Mom

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Bollywood has more than 50 shades of mothers , I am sure you will be able to match your mother from one of them. That’s what I am gonna do today! It’s pretty fun to think about, I wonder why I did not came up with this earlier. Bu thanks to Bigsmall for this great idea! Mothers day is out and you surely wanna check their collection!

#MyFilmyMom is Shashi From English Vinglish. She is the good old housewife minus that her kids (That’s me and my brothers) respects her unlike in the movie, so don’t jump on that. Also that it was recent that she started using all this technological stuff. Its all together a different feeling to tell my Mom “Hey this is Instagram,you do this and that” and all those stuff. I actually feel like grown up. But we have a really friendly relationship so it always works out.

But coming to the point, she actually has a pretty good hold on the language now. It was cute when she use to ask me small words. I am no English Expert (Or as they call it grammar Nazi now) but definitely one for my Mother. I feel good about it. That I can be a “Teacher”

She regularly writes on facebook post (Mostly political) now, earlier she was political too, but just TV. She is a digital mom now! From shopping to payments. Digital India Mission going great!

I don’t think age matters its beautiful to just learn. The fact you don’t shy away from learning something from someone younger than you is great. That’s the thing I love about my mom. She is growing with technology and I am with age 🙂

This article is the entry for Mother’s Day Bloggers Contest by, unique gift store in India.


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