Half Girlfriend Or Half Boyfriend?

It’s Story Time! Getting some inspiration from Half Girlfriend Movie which is coming soon. I am writing someone’s story, a story where they don’t know when she was his half girlfriend and he was her half boyfriend.

Usually, its like one is in love and the other one is not. But here it’s is really different. First, it was him and than it was her. Confused? So was they. Oh, I mean they are still confused.

Well, It started with what usually stories starts like – Friendship. Than he felt something she couldn’t at that time and she regretted that later on. But they were still talking. Not as friend. Not as Couple. Something which I can’t describe. Something which this Movie probably did. “Half Girlfriend” That’s the word I was probably looking for! But it wasn’t entirely her fault. He never said THE WORDS. She knew, but it was too casual like no official proposal. Now, don’t think its all in her head. Because he liked her that’s for sure. I would actually say that she did felt something but wasn’t sure about it. How do you actually know that it’s love or not.

Than they fought. Everyone does, no matter what relationship they have. But it was because she was feeling he is getting too far with his obsession with her. She felt they need to stay away from each other or things will go horribly wrong. She don’t want to break their so called friendship. But that’s exactly what she did. They never talked after that. It’s just weird. Only if she knew this will happen, she would have never taken that decision. But a relationship with no name was driving her crazy. She should have given herself sometime to think about how he is her “Half Boyfriend” now. Don’t know if that would have helped or not. But at least for once, she would have kept her confusing feelings in front of him.

I hate how you realize something only when they are gone, no longer with you. This was 1 year back. They still haven’t talked. She sometimes feel like she should try to talk with him for once. Tell him whatever she ever felt about him. But for what? She is still not sure if she want a relationship. She just don’t want to think about it, don’t know if she will ever do anything about it either. Sometimes she think they should have never met.

I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend



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