Successful by The Indian Way

We talk a lot about western influence but we never talk about the Indian influence worldwide or just in our professional or work life. We surely underestimate ourselves but Lufthansa does not.

Why do we think the Jugaad  is just a joke, when its actually a much more pocket friendly DIY. Let’s talk about it.

Lufthansa surely knows how to get the “Indian Way” to success. What a creative ad this is. The dance part had me laughing and rolling. Surely it’s #MoreIndianThanYouThink

My success for now is The Great Indian savings and The Great Indian DIYs.

If I am shopping online I look for Cashback and coupon codes all over the internet, no coupon can hide from my laser eyes no matter which corner of the internet it sits in. Physical shopping is equal to bargaining to me, Sarojini Nagar is bae and Lajpat Nagar is life. Sometimes I do get lure into Mall Shopping Why just shopping, I got travelling cover up too! Walking is healthy and also saves me some good bucks. Not only that but I am kind of contributing to Pollution Free Delhi Campaign too, Kind of? Oh well, I am for sure! I swear if I could I would have walked to other states and countries all by myself. But Well, Lufthansa got me covered on that so no worries.

Honestly, I don’t think YouTubers knows what real DIYs are, pretty sure they are not about spending much more money on making the product than you can bought it for. That’s why I had questions if I should call Jugaad a DIY. Therefore, added “pocket-friendly” to neutralize it. Be it using the last drop of toothpaste or saving electricity because my hand twitches every time I see an On Button for no reason. I see it as a blessing from god himself. So many people forgot to switch things off and than there is me who is always on a Switch Off Mode. Not just make, but I fix things with DIYs too, from tying down stuff with ribbon/wool or sticking up with permanent glue no matter how much broken it is. That does count as DIY right? Even if it doesn’t it still a good way to save and use things for some more time.

Both the DIYs and Savings help me through the college life without pocket money! Basically I get to keep the savings I contribute to. A good amount of income without a job, what could be more Indian than that? Has thinking the Indian way got you any success? Tell me in the comments below!


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