I Feel Good

This is more like a break from the #AtoZChallenge but also a part of it.Interception much?

Well,I just wanted to tell that this is my first A to Z Challenge and I am truly enjoying it. So much of engagement on blog. I am pushing myself for more ideas,digging up my creative corner. Reading what others write is a learning experience for me as I am no expert.

I just wanted to also let this post be an announcement that from now on,I will be doing more paintings or craftings than just writing about them.But I would definitely be writing about what and why of the paintings I will make.

One more announcement is that I am now a part of IndiBlogger ! As soon as I completed my 20 post,I registered and got approved. So excited to expand my blogging network and discover some new blogger friends.

IndiBlogger - The Largest Indian Blogger Community

This was like a chit-chat over a coffee session. I am sorry if it broke the flow. Do give me feedback. I am always looking to improve my blog. 


12 thoughts on “I Feel Good

  1. T.Deo

    Hii Iā€™m Tarun Deo ..there is beneficial cote for u.simply .
    1. Ensure your site has simple, consistent navigation on every page
    2. Only publish excerpts of your blog posts on your home page
    3. Add tag and category links to each post

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