I wish all the people write similarly,Why? Let’s talk about that!

A Confession here,I had a really bad handwriting for which I got scold in school by teachers. I still don’t have good handwriting but well it’s bearable. I always got jealous of the one who naturally had good handwriting. 
The weird part is that I could not figure out what’s​ actually wrong with my handwriting. It seemed normal to me. This is why I couldn’t improve it for a long time. One of the things I hated about school in my childhood was getting embarrassed everytime I had to show my written work.

I remember how I excited I was when one day we talked about how future is going to be so good for schools. Students will bring tablets to write. That was so great to hear. I don’t have to care about handwriting any more! The only digital thing that did came during my school years was the smart boards. Tablets are yet to come. But anyways who cares now? The time has passed by… 

I wish I had paid attention in my calligraphy classes. But it’s never too late to start?

How was your handwriting? Good,Bad Or Average?


9 thoughts on “Handwriting

  1. Isheeria's Healing Circles

    hahaa…. me too! I think there was a time my teacher used to deduct my marks for poor handwriting!!! I am so glad that now, we work on computers! but when I make my own notes, i still find it difficult to read them! LOL! Yes, we should have paid more attention to calligraphy!

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