Google Doodle 

This is the first ever Google doodle. Now we see interesting Google doodles on every special occasion. 

My schedule is going up and down with the AtoZ Challenge. But anyway continuing the art blast. We are gonna talk about Google doodle. 

Google at the start had a hard time searching for the logo,now they have hundreds of them in the name of doodles.

I am blogging about Indian Googles that have left an impact on me.

This is the Doodle from 2014 Republic Day. I like how it represented The Motorbike stunt Jawans do at the Republic Day Parade. The O at top is super cute. The tricolor was an obvious thing.

SavitriBai Phule was the first feminist of India. This is such a beautiful capture of her dream of reforming the society. 

The time they celebrated the face of Indian Painters MF Husain. The Colors made me paint right away. But I just couldn’t make something like this.

Going Bollywood,they got the essence of Raj Kapoor right. Can make you Listen to some good old songs. 
#All The Images Belong To Google#

Google have their Doodle4Google Contest going,I am thinking about making something. What? I haven’t Decided but I will surely do.


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