Favourite Indian Artist

Moving on My “Art” Theme for A to Z Challenge I thought I will tell my favourite Painters regardless of the themes they paint on or the era they lived in.

1. Amrita Sher Gil


Born in 1913 and died at a young age,she left us with wondering what else she could have painted if she lived longer.I love how she has both Indian and European art influence in her paintings.

2. Rabindranath​ Tagore

Veiled Women

We all know him as a poet but he is so underappreciated for his dark shadow paintings. I love he did not shy from recreating some artworks.

3. Nihal Chand

Bani Thani

I wish we know how the Man who painted amazing Artwork looked. But this is a painting by him called “Bani Thani”. I really meant it when I said doesn’t matter which era,He was a Rajput Painter of 18th century. I love his Radha Krishna paintings.

4. Raja Ravi Verma

Woman With Kid

He is the one on which the movie “Rang Rasiya” is made. His portrait of women are so beautifully charming. Not to forget he can make you fall in love with his mythology paintings.


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