Eye For Art

This Water Color Painting is made by me.

Do you have any eye for art? Have you bought any paintings?

When i hear paintings getting sold at Millions ,I go “Whaaat??” What makes them worth a million? Just the name of artist? But the artist itself has stablished themselves by paintings. What it is about a paint stroke that sells for millions?

I don’t get really curious how a historical painting gets sold. Those were the time when cameras were not around so it’s obvious that paintings told us the stories. What it is about now that the Art World doesn’t seems to die?

The answer is simply because of having an eye for art. There are complex paintings,realistic one. The one with deep message. The illusionary. So are there different kind of personalities who appreciate it.

PS: This is just a discussion ,I am not claiming I will be ever in those Painter List. I mean I am barely in the painter list right now.

Have I Bought A Work Of Art?


Do I want To?


Than Why I dont Buy One?

Financial Reason

I am sure once I got a job or got a regular income I am definitely getting my money spend on beautiful ethnic paintings. I just can’t resist them. Having them on my phone ,it doesn’t make me feel really good. So I definately see myself buying those in near future if not selling mine.

Have bought art or will you?



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