Dreams : Being a Youtuber?

Trying to carve out my passion right now. So I thought it would be fair enough to talk about what else I thought I could be.

I couldn’t keep up my promise one more time and this post is coming off late again.

I dreamt of being a Youtuber some 2 years back. When it was all the rage.  It still is. I thought I will make a personal one. But I want to say Making Videos is tough. You got to have a camera,choose a idea,edit.oh the Edit Part. I hate it. I really tried but comes off really clingy. Just not a good one. You surely need to be a good editor tone a good Youtuber.

But Moving on ,I think I can totally do it now. I can make painting videos probably. I don’t have to speak or show my face. Speed Painting Videos are pretty View Catching On YouTube. By Now,I mean when I when I will feel like I draw by my own. 

But I will invest in my YouTube Channel Unlike My Blog. A good camera,tripod,editor software, lightning. These things really excite me. I have started saving for it. Hopefully I will make it soon. 

Investing is really important,I have tried it to do what I want from the things I already have. It does not turn out what I actually desire it to be.



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