Firstly, I am sorry I have not been keeping up with AtoZ Challenge really well, this post was suppose to be up tomorrow itself but anyways I will be doing one more post for DAY 4 today only so that I can set up a schedule and do post according to the days. Moving On…

I have been talking about art and making some too. But being honest those are just step by step following YouTube tutorials. I was thinking if I will be creative to just pain whatever I want, even if it’s a simple thing. I always had a problem being creative. Usually the motivation for being creative includes people telling you to look around yourself. Make your surroundings your inspiration. I did tried but it didn’t worked out. Even when I was kid, I just cant create art work without guidance that is basically YouTube videos for now. It was coloring book when I was a kid.

But Google is my friend so I searched on how to be creative. I got to know about a 30 Circle Test. Basically, you have to draw 30 circles than draw as many object you can draw using it in 1 minute. That’s it! So I Tried it.

Made 30 not so round circle. Set the timer. Started drawing with lots of “Ummm” . I was able to make only 6 People have not been able to complete this but 6is pretty bad I assume. But, Hey internet is a big place I surely will find another hack to enter the world of creativeness.

Just in case you are wondering what are those..

1- Icecream in a bowl?

2- Smiley Face

3- Earth?

4- Sun

5- A Boy

6- Football?

That was it. Thank you for reading



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