B For ButterFly

Source: Old Coloring Book

I forgot to mention but my last post was a part of ongoing #AtoZChallenge! I am going to continue talking about my newly found love : Art.

Art comes from your desire to create something on canvas. So I was recalling what was the first thing I wanted to draw. Remember this is not what I first drew,simply what I first wanted to draw and did so.

It was butterfly. Probably the most unrealistic one. Not the most but well,I remember drawing flower patterns on butterfly’s wing. Just because flowers ring in my mind when it’s about butterfly.

I loved butterfly so much that I forgot that they came in Insect category. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against Insect,it’s just that they are creepy to me. I guess mostly to everyone? 

But in its first life stage,it has been that typical insect crawling on leaves etc. It’s crazy to think about how it transforms. Butterfly,the original transformer.

The idea of a caterpillar getting wings made me think of I could be a fairy with wings. That was childhood. 

But how could I be like a butterfly? When it was always independent ,right from the time when it tried to come out of its egg. While I was dependent on my parents for so many years. So nature played a fair game there I guess.

Putting humanly expression such as smile or laugh on the butterfly made me feel closer to it. That’s what I usually did. Like caterpillar transformer to butterfly. I transform butterfly to Human Faced Butterfly.

Regularly watering the flower plants was my invitation to butterflies. I don’t water plants anymore. Perhaps I should​,the most beautiful butterfly that will come will be my model for my next Art. 
That reminds me that I tried my hands on water colour, check it out here . 

PS: The first thing I draw was if I am right B for Ball.

– Simran


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