Art: My First Try 

Art is a broad word. It can stand for anything , anything that is creative. Acting is art. Comedy is art. And so on. I am talking about drawing,doodling and stuff.

I finally tried my hands on drawing. I am starting with simple cartoon drawing with pencil. 

The above was my attempt at making a typical cartoon Teenager. The cartoon’s expression looked like “What have you made me?” So I just made a talk bubble to add some laughs.

This one looks more like something a primary school kid will draw so I was not shy about showing it. But it’s my first attempt. So it’s allowed,right? Doesn’t she represents Harley Quinn’s childhood? Except I know that she had a normal childhood before meeting Joker. But I am sure you can imagine her being crazy as a kid.

With so much funky stuff,it was time for some fashion business.  I think I am proud of this one. Makes me think I should try my hand on making a Disney princess.

It was suppose to a Panda. But seems like a Hybrid between Bear and Panda. Or may be he look like a crippy version of Ted.

These are all the drawings I tried in one day,that is they are all made today.

For “In the making process” Videos you can follow me on Instagram.

Thank You.


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