I Met Steve Smith


YES! If you think my mouth is open awkwardly,blame the photographer. I was just saying Hello. He could have clicked after I was done with Hello. But Anyways,i met this Australian Cricket Star!

The timing for meet n greet was 3:30 pm. He came in time if I remember correctly. Oh ,and the day was 30th March 2017.

Before he came we were asked to tell our questions for him. And guess what I asked or more like what I requested?

Took the mic and said “I don’t have any questions, it’s a request –”

The Host interrupted. “You want to marry him?”

*Giggles EveryWhere*


“Oh No,I mean Ummm I want him to speak in Hindi little bit”

Well than he finally arrived,and the cheers from him were loud and clear.

Than an usual round of cricket questions took place. Finally came the time of meeting him face to face. I came on stage he greeted with a hello and a smile. Gave me a autographed mini bat. But I was not satisfied. Why? Because I could not take a Selfie with him. Basically no picture with him. Thank God New Balance uploaded this picture, or I won’t have anything to show my relatives. “Look whom I met” Jokes apart. I am glad that I got this picture.

Steve Smith’s Autographed Mini Bat

I am happy about meeting him. Thank You to Myntra And New Balance for this opportunity.

Ok Bye!

– Simran


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