Flowers Do Speak


Why do people give flowers to each other? So many useful thing to gift but a flower which will dry up soon is sold for bucks? But that’s not the only thing,a particular type of flower are associated with a particular expression.


Whenever I see this,religion & spirituality comes to my mind. Hindu Deities are decorated with these and they are also used in weddings. Makes me think if I ever use them for some other purpose , people will think I am too religious.


Earlier it use to remind of the Lotus Temple . Now it has BJP return all over it. (That’s what happen when you watch too many political news) . In Hinduism,its associated with Brahma and In Buddhism ,it represents recreation.


It do have different meanings in different culture but love has taken over all of them. Romance,Love, Affection is what comes in mind. 


Good vibes and those family whatsaap group morning messages has wrapped up sunflower for me. Also ,if I am right it has made various appearances in Kid’s Shows.

Flower does not speak(click bait title?) But we surely had made them speak. The language of flowers.


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