Case Study Of A Relative’s Question

Source- Game of Thrones and Image Flip

I am not an introvert,confuse if I should call myself extrovert. But whatever it is,i do like gatherings.Family Gatherings are fun too only if you are well prepared for the questions your relatives will shoot at you.


For all the questions life throw at you are nothing in front of the legendary “So,Beta What are you doing nowadays?” 

Nothing” is the most ideal answer one can come up with. Not to forget,if they believe in Satyamev Jayate they shall shower tons of blessing on you by giving you a blank face. Silence speaks volume. But you know they are the corrupted ones,they know exactly what are you doing but they want you to say it. 

Let’s evaluate this question to understand how can one get rid of this for once and all. Hence we began the investigation.

This question doesn’t specifically mentions which work. Work is any activity that involves either physical and mental effort or both of them. So does your relative just want to know if u did yoga,did you read the newspaper etc. If they asked you specific question,than please skip the step and move on to the next one.

As much as I hate the concept of throwing a question over the question instead of answering. This needs to be done in order to achieve full score from the relative as it can help you go through the gathering more easily.

Your relative shall tell you what work he is talking about. So When you finally know what you have to answer.Say just one or two words about the actual answer and bend it like Beckham to make it a whole new conversation about his/her clothes and drift away from the relative by calling another one “Hey XYZ, isn’t she look gorgeous?” 

And that’s how you get away with what we can call a relative trap. A trap that could have engulfed you with embarrassment because you are not doing much in life except watching Web Series.

This was my attempt to a different kind of sarcastic writing. Feedback is welcomed!


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