Movie Review: BadriNath Ki Dulhaniya

Source: Dharma Productions

So Alia Bhatt claimed that her character is feminist and I laughed on how a movie named BadriNath Ki Dulhania is being associated with Feminism.I mean a movie whose title does not give Women her own identity ,how can we consider it feminist?  But I still decided to give it a go.

The plot starts with typical of bollywood romancing stalking. Many times normalising dowry(Or maybe just showing the mirror that dowry is still normal in many parts of India).So BadriNath is a stalker,uneducated etc. While Vaidehi is educated ,wants to be a strong independent women. 

I like the fact that she tells him No in his face but than the cliche bollywood thing happens and she starts falling in love with him. And she did (that’s not even a suspense) but thankfully not so much that she marry him. But the way she said no for marriage was not the best way to say a simple “NO”. 

Talking about acting ,before Alia and Varun. Give this guy a cookie. 👇

He is Sahil Vaid who plays Somved Mishra and totally nailed it. I like how his character come out much more than just Hero ka dost . 

Coming to Alia ,she did justice to her character. Varun was overreacting a lot of times but that’s what made us laugh in the hall many times.

 So at the end Varun becomes this nice guy who realizes his mistakes,telling how he wants to Vaidehi ka Dulha . So the movie started with stalking,all kinds of social evil women suffers were normalize and all those came to an end with the Happy Ending and a pinch of Feminism.

So Yes Alia is right,her Character is feminist as for the value Vaidehi stands for. Though most of the things are cleared about what BadriNath has changes,stalking isn’t something he apologized for. Moreover,Vaidehi says sorry when he stalks down her in totally different country because she left him the wrong way but Badri did not apologized for stalking. 

In terms of entertainment this movie is kinda Paisa Vasool.


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