The Reaction Video Saga-The Story of Overrated Contents


The Reaction videos basically became a thing long ago because of Fine Brothers. Reacting to Viral Videos and other things that internet loves.No denying that the different groups of people reacting to something brings out amazing commentary that many people enjoy. From reacting to Viral content,people started reacting to Movie Trailers,to a point where u forgot that reviewing a movie was a thing.But I am not ranting about it. It let us know how effective the trailer was perhaps. But most of the Reaction channel Youtubers sit there,making blank or Katrina Kaif faces.

Also white people watching Indian content has been taking over Youtube India. I mean if you know this guy👇 than I am right.


Well,before saying anything about him. I do agree that even Reaction Youtubers need to do editing stuff and that does need work but Hey,that can’t be the only thing one would watch their videos for! Apart from trailers he reviews web series ,not trailer but the whole web series! Well,with permission so I should not have problem when the content creators don’t care about someone using their content (All Of The Content). But what’s the point ? It just literally like watching a whole movie on a sidebar while most of the amount of screen is dedicated to the faces of people watching it,mostly not getting the Indian jokes but yeah they do it for their Indian Audience,sweet? Yeah! He is not the only one though. There are many doing the exact same thing like him.

But atleast one does get some words from them after they are done watching it. But this Pardesi Girl is just on another level.


From what can I guess,she is NRI. Because if it’s not white people gaining views from reactions,its going to be NRIs. Indian but an foreign accent. 

This is not a rant on these React Youtubers but rather the one who watch these videos. I am genuinely interested why do people watch them.

I found this amazing rant on Reaction videos and it’s more entertaining than all the Reaction videos combine. 


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