Jungle Jungle Pata Chala hai

Jungle Jungle “Dubara” pata  chal raha hai!!  that Mowgli is coming to steal the limelight from the bollywood or even Hollywood stars! Still remember how i wanted Mowgli to come in my life and take me to the adventurous jungle life with him.

My affair with Mowgli didn’t stopped there. I actually found him everywhere. Remember the scene from Krrish where Hrithik Roshan jumps from one tree to another ,just to save the life of Priyanka in the movie? Everyone in the cinema was like : “Go Hero,Go” . I was like Hey,you are surely the most charming man but you just can’t copy MY Mowgli,common u just can’t!

That just got a bit cheesy but anyways this craze for Mowgli didn’t come up to me naturally,trust me it’s inherited by me from my mother.

My mother when she was pregnant with my elder brother,use to watch a whole lot of this, Yes even that age,the craze didn’t stopped. I wonder if there were still Jungle Book Cartoon coming up on TV,she would have never stopped watching it. And you know what they say keep the things around yourself during pregnancy that you want your children to become.So my grandmother always use to *cutely* scold my mother for watching a cartoon and telling her how her newborn will be a little Jungle Cartoon. (That’s what my mother told me)

Trust me if i was born that time,i would be telling my grandmother if that saying is true that child become what her mother watches carrying him inside her. Than there could be nothing better to watch than Mowgli swinging from one tree to another!

As you have already got to know i love Mowgli to bits. Another affair is with Sher Khan,more like a love-hate relationship. He battles with Mowgli but he had a soft site. And no story ends with a Villain like creature so how can the great Jungle Book can.

Last but not the least this song “Jungle Jungle pata chala hai“is everything and sums up my childhood. Nowadays,guilty while admitting but i hum along those “trendy” songs but my whole childhood has been singing this melody. And it has been revised. What a beautiful treat to start your summers with. I was a bit worried adding something “trendy” in it. But thankfully,God is real and his justice is real *wink*. My heart felt a good vibe seeing the children singing with their perfect voice. And moreover i felt happy for this generation that they are going to witness “The Jungle Book” whole new way!

I’m blogging about #MyMowgliMemory at BlogAdda.


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