Holi Hai!

Everyone in India has suddenly took interest in Gabbar’s dialogue “Holi kab hai? Kab hai holi?” Not because we love “Sholay” (although we do) but right now it’s because of confusion in the date of holi. Your calendar says something else,your google search says something else! What’s exactly going on? Finally the confusion has come to end that the “Holika Dehen” (setting pieces of wood on fire as a representative of Holika burning” will be done tonight and the fun with colors will be tomorrow aka 24th march of 2016. This is the time to take you through my memory lane of holi,yes a flashback!

First thing first,i kind of regret that i don’t have one picture with my holi face from my childhood . Though i can’t show you a picture of how happy i was playing the classic childhood holi but you can surely dig a guess how indulge i was in Holi that i didn’t even care to took a picture! Time changes,real quick! Anyways the best part of Holi was actually the days before Holi,yes you heard it right. We use to prepare for Holi like it’s a war,although a fun one *wink* . The buckets which will not be used in household anymore will be taken out in the balcony and the working pichkaris from the previous Holi celebration will be taken and cleaned. The fresh Holi colors will be placed on plates with pyramid shape like the one from Bollywood Movie.


Source: NDTV

I remember everyone use to gather in the park right down to our building. It was so much of fun to bucket of colored waters on our friends (No,i didn’t bothered any strangers. Yes,i swear i was a good girl *wink* ) Than one of the Holi Day,they decided to take revenge of the bucket of water we poured on them. What they did? They just banged on my home’s door and i was mid-way to close the door. Our eyes met,they smirked. (Yes,this is the best suspense story you will ever heard) They tossed all the colors in the plate on me and Holy crap. Me and my living room both were as colorful as rainbow. Me being rainbow: OK. Living Room being rainbow: Mom’s thunderstorm. They were running away so that the i got scold for their sinful act. But before they can runaway, mom makes the entry (The best suspense story,i told you!) We all gulped together. She pick up a nearby Holi Plate. And i am like “What she gonna do? Bang our heads with that plate? Was it that sinful?” and she tossed color on all of us and said “Burna na mano Holi hai!” It took me a few seconds that even after seeing the disastrous condition of living room she just let out the kid in her and played Holi with us. That Holi was the best and i hope that “The return of Childhood Holi” will be released this Holi. Tell me you know i am not talking about movie,tell me now in the comments.

I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories atBlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed


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