The Impact of “Fake Promises”


Don’t wanna be that girl who says “Every Man is the same” but one Man do effects the way you think about other Male species. And don’t lie to yourself it’s the same for Man,one woman can change the way he thinks about females in general. Oh,people really leave a impact on our life even if we disagree,someway or the other we know it. 

When you make promises,you need to realize where you are heading to. Don’t go around fantasizing and uttering those words like anything. The person once really believed them would be broken as hell if you broke them. It wouldn’t matter if they were real when you made them and later you realized you can’t full fill them so you withdraw them. That’s not how it goes when you involve another person into your life! 

The other person may calmly accepts your apologies or just move on without saying a word. Even if he finds peace with being alone or with someone else. There is a fear aka impact you left behind. The fear of fake promises. It would be really hard for a girl who has been broken dreams about the promises to believe someone again. She will have doubt at every promises,she will investigate like a top level of detective and even if she took anyone’s promise,there would be a doubt in the corner of mind reminding her constantly how Men can fake promise,that they are good at faking it. But than there is still a good side in her which keeps pushing her that not everyone is the same. 

Once she had enough enough of doubting his Innocence ,she may blame herself. How silly was to believe those promises. How silly she is that she can’t distinguish between fake and the real one. How stupid you feel when someone broke the promises for no reason? Suddenly they feel you are not the one who meant to be with them. Alright, no one can make you love someone you don’t. But what about those promises? This is why don’t fake it. It will left you feeling guilty and the other feeling silly and feared. 

Moral of the story?

Think twice or even hundred times before you utter those sentences comprised of words described as “Promises” . Don’t spell them on others until you don’t mean it. 

Has someone ever made fake promise to you or you have done it to others? I hope you take some advice than 🙂


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