Playlist for every emotion to discover Indian blogs


Life takes several turns,you are happy than you are sad, sometimes it is more complicated. But what’s the only thing that can fit all the emotions of your life? There it is! MUSIC

For every emotion of life,we have created our own set of playlist. 

1. The “Happy” One

You just got your dream job and before throwing a party for friends and family you need to celebrate for yourself,that calls for a Happy Dance! And what does you need to dance? Oh well,the music! There is no harm on dancing to Beyonce and Shakira even if you are Man. 

2. The “Fit” One

Remember the time you made that new year resolution to loose those extra pound but on the same new year you ate those little cupcakes like a hulk! But than you saw the glittering dress which those clever shop owner put to attract customers like butterflies. You happily allowed your wallet to shed some weight and bought that dress. But the fat covering your skin wasn’t complimenting the dress so for the sake of money you spent of that glittering dress resting in your cardboard,you decided to go jogging every morning. But you need motivation,which is …………………..

*Drum Roll Please* Music! There you go listening to some international DJ on the go to pump that heart beat.

3. The “Break up” One

This actually need two set of different playlist. One where you think like you are the Devdas irrespective of your gender which means the list consist of all the sad songs from the intense Bollywood movies. And than there is another one where you realized how awesome you are and how awful he was,so you switch to taylor swift’s songs.

4. The “Family” One

This is the spiritually and morally correct list for your family member to show off that despite from studying you have something more to deserve their respect. That is the chants of the God and Goddess stored on your smart phone which can be played at the right moment when the old people in the house starts to complain about how wrong this new generation  is. 

5. The “Cheer Up” One

This one is not for you,it’s for your friends or family,their favorite song. And why would keep their favorite playlist in your phone? Oh don’t be so selfish! To put a smile on that face! I mean it literally. When they are sad or angry at you. Put the song on which they can’t resist to tap their feet on.

6. The “Love” One

Where you fantasying (in a good way) about that special one in your life or twhom you want to be that special one. 

I am sure my playlist match from your list at least once. Does it? Do tell me what’s on your playlist


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