I was too Fantastico to be with him

There are three stages of a usual breakup. One where you think your world has come to an end. The other one where you tell yourself how freaking stupid he/she was to leave you. The third is when it has been long time since the break up and you kind of miss him/her and than tell of yourself a big “No” because you are too fantastico and the other one is totally not worth it. 

He approached her. She happily took it further. He stepped back. She stepped back even further.

Complicated. Isn’t it?

It’s not like she never tried to bring things back into place but as the famous song lyrics says “I can’t make you love me if you don’t” 

Does this mean she is just the girl someone can be attracted to? For a while she does feel so. He made her feel so. But more than anything she love herself. And it didn’t took her much time to realize He is just not worth it. 

“I was too fantastico to be with him” she said to herself.

She opened the gallery section on her phone and looked at the picture of his “Ex-crush” he shared with her calling the girl in the picture as beautiful as her which made her feel offensive. She looked at picture for few seconds and said “I don’t blame him. This is what he deserves. A girl who looks like she has 10 children even if she is a bachelor and urgently needs a dentist, bariatic surgery and some plastic surgery on her nose and cheeks. Plus,she had a really bad choice when it comes to boys looking at her boyfriend who is in the same picture. But oh what else she can get? Isn’t that what she deserve and i hope he will end up having lemur look a like girlfriend too.”

 The taylor swift songs she put on loop helped her more to get over that “oh-too-mature Man” 

But she is still hoping him to come back. 

“Wait! What?! Why?!

Just a while ago she was too fantastico for him. Right?

So what happened to her “I love Myself” personality?”

She is still hoping him to come back, only to complete the story the way she wanted. To tell him “You are not worth it,go away” on his disgusting face! 

That’s what a happy ending looks like to her. 

She will live happily after in her OWN castle with her OWN money and she will take care of herself on her OWN. It used to be “THEIR” though. 


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