He Couldn’t handle her Peppiness

She was beautiful, nobody would take more than few seconds to get attracted to her. But she was not the one to fall in love with. At-least that’s what “he” made her feel! 

With attraction,there comes fantasizing and with love there comes dreams. If you are just fantasizing than better keep it with yourself. That was his mistake. He left her with broken dream but it was just fantasies from his side. 

She was pappy enough to call on random times. Sometimes she even thought of landing up on his door to surprise him. (Yeah,she knows that it would be more of a shock for him than surprise) She would have done that too only if they were in the same city. She is beyond crazy and no one will love her for that,she have learnt that. But who cares? If she change,she will not be able to love herself and that’s what matters. 

“I will be a high on spirit girl” she promise herself often.

They were so different,he being the mature Man. She being the peppy girl. Sometimes,she thought why are they even together? But than they say “Opposite Attracts” but the poor girl forget it only attracts,ain’t no people with opposite thinking has ever lived together under the same roof in the history of Love. So who were they to broke the record? So being the mature human being he was,he stepped back. She can already smell what’s coming so she asked it one stroke.

“Do you even value me?  Do i even have a place in your heart? Love or even attraction?

“I can’t keep you in dark. So here’s the truth. Attraction,Yes. Love,No” He confessed

“That’s it. It’s over”

“But we can be friends Or i may come some years later”

“Some years later i would have a 1000X times better guy than you in my life” she thought to herself with anger but didn’t utter these words.

Later on,she thought if he couldn’t handle her peppiness sitting miles away from her. How would he be able to do that when he will live with her under the same roof. But the story was still waiting for an end. He left it incomplete by saying “Some Years Later I May come” But she don’t believe any of his words. He change his mind pretty quick. She wonders if he will find the perfect blend of maturity and beauty in one girl. But she hope he don’t and he rots as a single forever. He sprinkled her peppiness with bit of a hate now.


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