A Musical Love Life

Love to sing,no matter if you can sing or not? Then why not add music to every stage of your love life. Let’s make it interesting. Music will surely feel the void.


Girls Just wanna have Fun by Cyndi Lauper


No story could start until you are single. So happy single song is much needed. Groove to this,have fun with your friends and don’t you try to find the perfect one! Remember what Disney taught us? Cinderella didn’t go around looking for the perfect Men. She go around finding the perfect dress for the night out. Now,you got it!



When you know he/she is the one and gotta tell him/her that. And when you do,do it with all the confidence in this world. Because if you love him,you better show him. What could be better than this Taylor Swift gem called “You belong with me” If he thinks the same. Than congrats,you are with someone you wanted to be.



Achieving him is never enough. It was never enough. Show him how much you are into him,how much he made you feel good. It’s like a celebration of your happy love life. Make it passionate,make it romantic. Beyonce will tell you how to do it perfectly. Yup,dance for your special one!



When he creates the trouble or should i say it better when he is the trouble and you blame yourself for choosing him. You know he was trouble when he walked in. Than why? Why him? Silly you!


Give your heart a break by Demi Lovato


This is the one you shed tears to. Let it all out. Blame him. Blame yourself. Miss him. Regret him.  You don’t wanna break his heart. You just wanna give it a break . But yours is breaking like someone stabbing and twisting knife in it.



There comes the time when you get over it completely but he knocked the door again. He wanna get back together? Nope. Never. You broke that heart a long ago,why should i believe you now? We are never ever getting back together!


Time to restart the life from where it began. Being single but this time to soak the sadness from breakup by cheering up with your friends. Have a breakup party! 

But why only love life? We can have songs for so many situations in our life. A musical life is pretty interesting idea. Isn’t it?

Music Surely makes things 10X more intense than they actually are.


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